Disel Spring/Summer 2015

Nicola Formichetti opted out of his signature grungy colour palette this season, in exchange for bright neon backgrounds, and happy smiles and we must admit, we love this direction.  Further more, the cast of models are photographed having a blast, as they let the clothing speak for itself. The campaign carries out a strong message of equality, tolerance and love, which come through with each shot.  Nicola had this to say about his new campaign: ”There are so many crazy things happening now that you don’t see people just having fun any more.  The challenge was to work with an avant-garde photographer, Nick Knight, and get him to do something he’s rarely done – which is shoot people smiling.  It feels spontaneous, like they are selfies and he’s just the one snapping the photo”

The campaign will run with the hashtag #DieselHigh, provoking people to live their lives to the fullest and not hold back.