Architecture Highlight: Tokyo

Tokyo is famous for many many things, one of which, is their contemporary architectural offerings. To highlight this feat, and to give you a dose of inspiration, we’ve decided to compile four of our favourite building in the city!

1. – The Audi Forum

Nicknames “The Iceberg”, this magical building definitely stands out – seamlessly lodged between two buildings. The jewel acts as a showroom for the companies newest offerings as well as the a residence to some of the head offices.

2. – Tokyo Sky Tree

The cities newest building, complete in 2012. This property is home to the television and radio broadcast centre. It also boast a bunch of other features, including but not limited to an aquatic centre, an observation deck as well as various dining options.

3. – Mikimoto 2

Headquarters to the company behind the famed Mikimoto pearls, this beautiful building projects neons hues at night, due to its carefully crafted abstract windows! Beautiful sight, on an evening stroll through the city!

4. – Tokyu Plaza Omotesando

This seven story shopping Center is located in the middle of the city! Tourists flock this destination, for not only the various shopping offerings, but to snap a shot of the twisted house of mirrors that lines up the entrance! Very insta worthy we suppose.