To Watch (Fashion): Come UnDone by Caroline Vreeland & Shea Marie

In the age of short lived thirty second Instagram stories and footage of influencers going in and out of fashion shows – often to the tune of hundreds of fashion photographers vying for their picture – it’s nice to see certain bloggers give us a little more.

This is where Shea Marie and Caroline Vreeland come in, with their brand new series “Come UnDone“, a ‘The Hills’ (minus the useless drama) meets “The Simple Life” (minus the menial work) type of series, giving us a behind the scenes look at the two girl bosses in action, as they overcome the trials and tribulations of fashion week. Simple yet effective, we get to appreciate all the work that goes into these glamorous lifestyles, which is a factor that is often overlooked!

The duo, famously known for dawning matching outfits at various fashion shows, have managed to created a series with heart, and a ton of resilience. It encourages us to always strive to build each other up instead of competing for similar spots, and to always count on our friends for support. We loved this little show and we hope to see a similar rendition again soon! Check out all eight episodes below as well as a little bio on the girls.

Quick Bio’s

Shea Marie:

Caroline Vreeland:

  • Musician – check out her new single “Unbreakable Love” as well as the theme song to the series “Blue Lips”.
  • Model / Influencer
  • Should probably consider stand up (glass of wine in hand of course)

Episode – One

Episode – Two

Episode – Three

Episode – Four

Episode – Five

Episode – Six

Episode – Seven

Episode – Eight